Jiangxi Virgin  Angel Inn Hotel Management Company Limited under the Jiangxi virgin angel group, the management company has been established, within a few years, the development of dozens of stores, which Nanchang has signed more than a dozen, such as Nanchang area, Honggutan Jiulonghu upstart, through the open area, Wanli District, new district are distribution. The group plans hundreds of stores in the next three years. 2015Virgin angel (Feng He shop) 2016Signing Shimao APM projectContract new force square center projectThe signing space innovation projectSigning a new center project2017The virgin angel new force square shop opensVirgin Angelo Jintao shopVirgin angel Shimao APM store openedContract new town, Wyatt PlazaWe are signing CenterSony signed Long Wan YuSigning th...
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