Virgin angel group is a collection of hotels, real estate investment, property management company, decoration engineering, high-end accommodation, long rent apartments (maxspace), a comprehensive housing concentrated office project investment, management, cooperation, join the real estate service enterprise.

        The company's investment in the "virgin angel" humanities "such as high-end hotels, dwelling in the hostel, enjoy in long rent apartments, sharing office for the development of positioning, operation of creative thinking (Internet Plus + cross platform), with" 1+1+N "platform mode multi benefit oriented, in line with national public business, the innovation" policy, the hotel industry to "warm service, service first" for the purpose, from years of industry elite, set up efficient and professional management team. Hand in hand to create the virgin age.

       Virgin angel group to fine management, operation and management mode has been in the industry to seize the favorable market opportunities for shareholders, owners, members and suppliers to provide communication, communicate and negotiate a new platform for cooperation and learning, and created an influential brand value.

        The layout of virgin Virgin Group is divided into five parts, namely, the local area (Jiangxi), the East China sub area, the Southern China zoning, the central China zoning and the southwest sub area. Now the development of the members is nearly one hundred thousand, with nearly 10000 agreements, and nearly 1000 businesses.

        East China zoning virgin angel Zhejiang branch is located in Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Zhejiang Merchants International Center, Ningbo otlis shop will be opened in November 2017.

        Wei Zhen Angel central China zoning of central Wuhan and the management of Wuhan store, Jingmen store;

        The southwestern region of the virgin angel is located in Chengdu and manages the Chengdu store.

        The virgin angel Southern China division is located in Shenzhen, and manages the Shenzhen store and the Huizhou store.

        Virgin angels as the Qinglong Gorge in Beijing, Sanya, Qi shop stores, Dali store, Lijiang store is open, Nanchang Meiling shop will be the perfect present.

        Vision: building a hotel economic share, making the world easier to travel

        Mission: let B & B into the city

        Values: honesty, sharing, happiness, gratitude

        Corporate philosophy: integrity based, resource sharing, happy service and gratitude Society

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