On November 22, 2017, Virgin Angel Group and Guangzhou Securities held the launching ceremony of "Strategic Listing of Listed Companies" at the headquarters of Virgin Angel Group. Mr. Deng Changjiang, founder and president of Virgin Angels Group, Mr. Huang Pingxin, chairman of Virgin Angels Group, Mr. Xiong Jianjun, director of Guangzhou Securities Jiangxi Branch, Mr. Fan Qiming, president of Investment Banking Department, shareholder representatives of Virgin Angel, middle management cadres, Society, Jiangxi Daily, Nanchang Evening News and other representatives attended the ceremony.


       At the meeting, Mr. Deng Changjiang, President of Virgin Angel Group and Mr. Huang Pingxin, Chairman of the Board reviewed the development of the Group over the past three years:

       In business, Virgin Angel has come out of Jiangxi, hotels and B & B in the country developed more than 40 hotel projects. The strategic goals of "setting foot in Jiangxi Province, developing the whole country and moving toward the world" in Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hunan and Yunnan Provinces are steadily being achieved and gradually realized;

       In the management, Virgin Angels established the branch of Party branch, League branch, enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force; various departments such as arm to make means; through the actual market, set up a move that comes, come to war, war The victory of the Virgin Angels Corps;


       In product research and development, the Virgin Angel Hotel features a culture of civil extraction and a hotel as a carrier, which realizes the refinement and display of the Jiangxi culture. It provides a driving force for carrying forward Jiangxi's characteristic culture and uses a visible and tangible , Experience the way to get the perfect presentation of traditional culture, especially folk culture, only the nation, is the world;

        In the operation and management of the hotel, Virgin Angels fine service, brave to play, be good at summing up, has established a standardized room service system, marketing management system, construction system, clean, comfortable, elegant and unique;

        On the group path, Virgin Angels not only achieved hotel chain, but also realized the complementary and collocation of different business forms such as boutique hotel, international hotel, bed and breakfast, youth apartment, cultural media and so on.

Xiong Jianjun, general manager of Guangzhou Securities Branch in Jiangxi Province, said: "Guangzhou Securities is one of the earliest securities companies established in China. It is a well-known large-scale brokerage in China with strong and powerful resources, rich experience and high listing threshold.

        As an old revolutionary base in Jiangxi, Nanchang even started the first shot of the Chinese revolution. As a red cradle in China, more enterprises should have their own place in the country and go all over the country. The good news is that Angels Angel is such an enterprise. The launching ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Virgin Angels and Guangzhou Securities on the market is yet another milestone in the pursuit of a new leap forward by Virgin Angels, which reflects the strength and development potential of the company.


       At the launch meeting, Virgin Angels reached a consensus: seize the strategic opportunity of going public, take the initiative to forge ahead, standardize corporate governance, enhance the optimization of the team, and let the excellent staff and Virgin Angels symbiotic, common prosperity and win-win ; Achieve multi-channel mutual-benefit and win-win situation and expand the platform of hotel economic sharing to accelerate the nationwide layout; and at the starting point of the new long march for listing, realize the sustainable exponential growth so as to better repay the shareholders, repay employees and repay the society.    

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