Early in the morning, though unwilling to open your eyes,

But still do not consciously pick up the phone brush friends circle.

Eating a day has been irregular N meal,

Looking around the city towering buildings,

My heart gave birth to depression.

At the moment, especially miss the red mud stove home,

Miss home soil brick wall,


Is deep native bone marrow feelings,

The cave, is the original memory of traditional feelings.

The ancestors were more dependent on caves,

Can avoid mountain beast;

Immortal people have mountain cave house,

Talk to voiced peace really.

  I have a pot of wine,

Enough to comfort this life;

I have a pure land,

Adequate downtown care.

For example, in Virgin Angels,

Yao Lake Normal University store.

栖在维珍|我有一方净土, 足以闹市养神

The room is like a hall surrounded by rocks,

Slightly rough clear stone magnifies the whole person's senses

Make you feel more comfortable.

栖在维珍|我有一方净土, 足以闹市养神

Full of cave style,

Seems to smell the fragrance of the earth from nature,

People can not help but linger.

栖在维珍|我有一方净土, 足以闹市养神

In one,

Far from the world, away from the city's troubles,

That long-suppressed soul will be released.

We may have been accustomed to the magnificent luxury home.

Those luxurious bright neon,

Did not make you feel no interest in it?

Come fresh,

To Jane Angel Angels Lake University store experience some,

How to make a hidden caves?

Here, the passage of time is the best time to enjoy.

Virgin Angel Yao Lake Division Grand Cave shop theme room,

Coming soon!

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