Japan is a clean, tidy, civilized,

Full of unique style of the country.

Holding a beautiful bowl to eat food;

Wearing a Japanese bathrobe lazy hot springs;

Lying in a delicate, simple Japanese-style room,

Enjoy the soft and comfortable tatami.

These are all people want to experience something,

Now, there is a chance,

Virgin Angels Shimao Aviation University shop,

Can give you the perfect experience!



Fresh and natural, simple and elegant wood color,

So that the potential of urban nostalgia, nostalgia,

The emotion of returning to nature is compensated.

Room tatami furnishings,

Rich flavor of the wind, Japanese style,

Filled the entire room.

  Cane cushion on the edge,

Can carry 35 friends, tea chat,

Enjoy relaxing leisure time.

The wall is printed with fresh flowers,

As if to emit a refreshing aroma of breath,

Make people feel refreshed

Even without going abroad,

Can also feel the characteristics of Japanese-style room,

Weekends come here, give you a general pleasant life.

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