"Avatar" the name, we should not be unfamiliar,

Once used as a ticket (fei) room (xuan) odd (ku).

The film not only created a magnificent towering alien world,

But also for us to show the beauty of nature is not the same,

People can not help but longing for.


Into the nature, close your eyes,

Can hear the breath of plants evenly;

Open arms, embrace nature,

Can purify body and mind ...

Nature brings you far more than this,

There are many waiting for you to explore.

Better to come to Virgin Angels and small v together

Feel the other charms brought by nature.


In the mountains and forests,

Occasional forest climbing above the wall,

A sense of return to the original spontaneity.

  Lying in bed,

Forget the hustle and bustle of the city,

Appreciate the fun of nature.


When feeling slightly hungry in the morning,

Exquisite breakfast arranged in front,

Instant wake up the brain of dopamine,

Make you feel good.


When you get tired of living in tall buildings,

When you hate the whistle filled with ears,

Have you had, want to escape the impulse.

Now, to Virgin Angel Red Valley Beach Wanda Plaza shop,

Far away from the bustle of the city together to give yourself a quiet

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