Yao Lake Normal University project        Xinli Fang, 120 thousand square meters of business volume, 40 thousand square meters of alcohol and cooked business, will create a one-stop fashion business center in Nanchang City East office, residential, leisure, entertainment, catering and shopping. The Huarun Wanjia, the earth cinema and many front-line brands have formally signed into the new force.        Address: No. 1216 Nanchang high tech Zone, Ziyang Avenue (Jiangxi Institute of science and technology is the opposite).
Shimao Aviation University project                Shimao Apm is a 24-year mansion expert Shimao Property in Nanchang important works, is located in Nanchang Prefecture double center, located in Xuefu Avenue and Fenghe South Interchange. The total construction area of about 400,000 square meters, plot ratio 1.4. Gathering garden office, non-blank soho, commercial mall three product lines, but also has a cloud-based business experience platform and green aerobic garden space, open a fashion lifestyle.        Project Address: Honglutan District, Hongjiaozhou Fenghe South Avenue, No. 2111.
Feng He Times Building Project        Feng He Times Mansion is located in the core area of Honggutan CBD, the first subway line, scarce 37-51 square meters hardcover hotel apartment, the average price of 12,000 yuan, 15 years worry-free return rent, monthly rent of about 2000, that is, the proceeds! Riverview existing homes, civil utilities, property costs free! Now recognize 20000 arrived 20000, so machine apartment, no reason not crazy!        Project Address: Honggutan New District Fenghe North Avenue, No. 59 Fenghe Times Building.
Red Valley Beach Wanda Plaza project       Jin Tao building project is located in Nanchang Avenue and Honggutan Phoenix Trade Road intersection, adjacent to the green center, Wan Da square, from the autumn square only 5 minutes, Nanchang West Railway Station, 20 minutes, 30 minutes to airport, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is convenient. 18 sets of 39-57 flat hardcover apartment rental sales, average price of 12500 yuan per flat only this one! No miss jane!         Project Address: Hongtatan New District Shimao Road 872.
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