Sony Li Yu Long Bay project      Sony Li Yu Long Bay project is located in New City, north of 320 State Road, west of Heng Wang Road, east of Science and Technology Road. The surrounding roads connect Xuefu Avenue, Xiangyun Avenue and other main roads, Fengsheng Expressway and Nanchang Ring Expressway. Sony Li Yu Long Bay covers an area of about 163,000 square meters, with a total construction area of about 360,000 square meters, supporting five-star public leisure center, while the introduction of radio and kindergarten, set recreation, sports, reading and games in one.       Project Address: Nanchang 320 State Road and Heng Wang Road Interchange.
Metro Park Hyatt project      Nanchang Newtown Wuyue Plaza is the first one-stop experience commercial complex in the east of the city. It integrates recreation, living, business and investment. It is the only commercial flagship of Nanchang that is comparable to Honggutan Wanda Plaza. The project covers self-sustaining consumption center, the first Avenue Walk Street, 98-120 square meters high-rise residential, all-around SOHO apartment, landmark twin towers office. Top five formats around, open a new chapter in high-tech fashion happy life.      Project Address: High-tech Zone East yuan Road and Jingdong Avenue Interchange.
Aerospace Science and Technology Plaza project            Aerospace Science and Innovation Plaza is a new urban complex project developed by Jiangxi Aerospace Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., a large-scale central government-owned aerospace science and technology group. The project has two office buildings, two apartment buildings and a three-tier commercial podium. Projects with aerospace cloud network, science and technology service centers and other Aerospace Science and Industry Group vigorously build a "Internet +" new service package, is the first project of Aerospace Science and Technology Loko Jiangxi.      Project Address: High-tech Zone, Nanchang, No. 1088 Ziyang Road (Jiangxi Institute of Science and Techno...
Hang Tian fashion center project      Heng Tian Fashion Center is the central enterprises Hengdian Group, a subsidiary of Heng Tian Real Estate Co., Ltd. in the first development of Chang's real estate projects. The project total construction area of nearly 270,000 meters, adjacent to the National Center, east of Barry Gan River, near by the future provincial government and enterprises cluster area, and the West Railway Station 2 km away, can be described as superior born! The main part of Hengtian Fashion Center consists of 5 super high-rise buildings, a business complex consisting of a 5A-class international office, a 270-degree ultra-wide riverview apartment and a distinctive fashion experience commercial district.     Project Address: Ganjiang South Av...
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